Golf Outing 2011

Fab Masters and SAPA a winning combination!

Saturday, September 17, 2011, the annual Fab Masters golf outing was held at Pine View Golf Club in Three Rivers, MI. The golf team of Sam Cropsey/Kim Fox (FMC) & Bryan Farwell/Chris Bullock (SAPA) won 1st place in the 2011 Fab Masters Golf

"The Winning Combination- Fab Masters & SAPA" from left Kim Fox & Sam Cropsey (FMC), Bryan Farwell & Chris Bullock (SAPA Corp).

Outing. The “Dream Team” Ed Durbin, Troy Weaver (FMC), Chad Walker, Chris Weav

er (Charlotte Anodizing) tied for second place with Rod Little, Sharon Sweet (FMC), Ranae Noeldner, Brad Noeldner (Pease Machining). Other event winners were Tom Deisinger and Bryan Farwell for closest to the pin. Ron McDiarmid made longest putt from Charlotte Anodizing, and Sharon Sweet won longest drive.

When asked how the “Dream Team” lost to the Cropsey/Fox team, Troy Weaver replied, “I didn’t know they allowed mulligans”. Actually, this is a fun event and the camaraderie is great! There is a lot of teasing and rivalries going on which makes it fun for everyone.

It’s very rewarding to have our vendors play in this outing. We have great relationships with our vendors and the FMC Golf Outing helps solidify those friendships. Next year’s outing is scheduled for early summer, which will help those of us over 40 keep from getting stiff from the cold weather. Ouch, that means there is no excuse for the D

ream Team next year!

In closing, we would all like to thank Sam Cropsey and Terry Harlin for all their efforts in making the FMC Golf Outing a success. It’s not easy coordinating a golf outing, and they both done a fine job. We would also like to thank SAPA, Charlotte Anodizing, Pease Machining, and Bumgarner Welding. Year after year, these folks commit to play in our outing and bring great prizes as well.

Have a great off-season and an early spring!

Submitted by Troy “The Dream” Weaver

Ranae & Brad Noeldner (Pease Machining).

"The Dream Team" from left Chris Weaver & Chad Walker (Charlotte Anodizing), Ed Durbin & Troy Weaver (FMC).

Rod Littel & Sharon Sweet (FMC).

From left Ron McDiarmid (Charlotte Anodizing), Howard Miller & Jason Mott (FMC), Art Osterwald (Charlotte Anodizing).

From left Terry Harlin & Tom Deisinger (FMC).

Mike Bumgarner & Eric Bakke (BWI), Don & Tammie Mortimore (FMC).

From left Matt Combs (SAPA), Sylvia SaintCin (FMC), Matt Krizinski (SAPA), Don SaintCin (FMC).